Sex! First Time?

Is it your first time having sex with someone, you probably have lots of questions on your mind, that’s why you may not feel comfortable talking about them with others. It’s totally normal for everyone. It can be quite nerve-racking. Especially for men, as they are required to ‘perform’. To put your mind at ease the first time guys are having sex for them we’ve compiled a list of some important stuff you should know.

You are ready to have sex:

  • You’ve just started thinking more about sex.
  • You’re curious about sex.
  • Your environment around you insists to sex.
  • You may feel having sex with someone special.
  • You feel ready to have sex for the first time.


After all of that if you’ve decided that you are ready to have sex then go ahead. Now think about safety about sex. If you’re going to have a healthy relationship with sex, it’s important that you’re responsible about it and you’ve got all the important info that you need to practice safe sex:

  • You can contract a sexually transmitted infection even if it’s your first time having sex. So be careful and make sure you use condoms or dams to protect not only yourself but also your sex partner.
  • You can also get pregnant your first time (or get someone pregnant). So again, make sure you know about contraception and choose the right way and right one for you before you have sex.


Pain! What to do?

Sometimes sex can hurt for the first time.The tip of your penis could be sensitive or it may hurt your partner.Don’t concentrate everything you listen – few people find their first time having sex to be really comfy, fun, and enjoyable. For others, it does feel uncomfortable, and it can be painful.Mostly, it’s due to lack of lubrication so keep that in mind and keep some handy.It is natural to be nervous your first time having sex, which may inhibit you from becoming fully aroused and therefore properly lubricated, So Use extra lube. Pain during is a fairly common phenomenon among women; one out of five women experiences it at least once in their lives.

Most of the people believe that all women bleed during first time they have sex. They also believe that this is due to the hymen breaking, but hymen breakage has no connection with virginity. Virginity can break due to rough exercise or even due to activities like cycling, riding.

Don’t forget the condoms:

Most important thing that you must carry protection whenever on a date or even if you don’t think about sex it’s not only for the first time who having sex but also for everyone. Having unprotected sex which can lead


Most important thing you need to keep in mind is that you should keep protection on a date or even if you don’t think sex is in the offing. Having unprotected sex can lead unwanted pregnancy and high risk of sexual diseases.

Try to Enjoy:

It is awkward and fearful for first time having sex for both the boys and girls.

Don’t be worried just go through the moment it doesn’t fact you are doing good or bad.Forget everything you’ve ever seen in the movies and porn because that’s not real. To comfort your sex you may do something like kissing, foreplay, oral sex, mutual masturbation, necking, dry humping, rubbing, massages, mammary intercourse and much more. Don’t forget that it’s not a competition so there is no fear of losing. Try to enjoy every second, every moment so that it may be pleasing your first sex.


The last not the least its most important thing you’ve to keep in mind that NO ONE is good the first time. Its need to take practice and you will get better with experience. So don’t worry about it and just enjoy your first time.


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