Balanced Nutrition During Pregnancy

Importance of Balanced Nutrition during Pregnancy

What a pregnant mother drinks and eats is her child’s major source of nourishment. During pregnancy, it’s important to ensure nutrition food for a mother. In this time most of the mother’s weight increases 10-12 kilograms. So, it’s important to ensure that she is taking a balanced nutrition diet. Some people think that, more food makes a healthier baby. But it’s a big superstition. So every pregnant must should eat a decent amount nutrition food. Experts suggest making a variety in the menu. During pregnancy, a mother should need more iron, calcium, protein and folic acid. Folic acid is some kind of vitamin B. It helps to prevent several birth defects.

Is a healthy diet important during pregnancy?

Yes, of course, it is. A healthy diet is important in all time, not only during pregnancy. But it should take some extra care during pregnancy. Taking a healthy and proper diet can help you to develop your child.
In this article, I’m going to show some foods contain nutrition for a pregnant mom.

Vegetables and Fruits
We everybody know that vegetables contain enough nutrition. You should never skip this item, while you are pregnant. It is a must eaten food during pregnancy. Vegetables help a mother in deferent ways to ensure child health. The daily diet should have vegetables. Green vegetables also provide some calcium.
Fruits are also an important part in pregnancy foods. Fruits contain lots of nutrition and several useful things. A pregnant mom should not skip fruits.

Do you know, how much is calcium important for baby? Experts say daily minimum 1000 mg calcium is needed to support a pregnancy. Calcium helps to build strong bones, teeth, and function of the nerve. Dairy products are also a great source of calcium. Dairy foods are useful in different ways.
Here see some dairy foods name –
• Milk
• Puddings
• Cheese
• Yogurt
These are the main dairy foods.
Every day a pregnant needs to eat some protein-rich foods. Here I have included some sources of protein.
• Pulses
• Beans
• Fish
• Meat
• Eggs
• Nuts
Eggs are the main and best source of protein. You have to make sure that you’re eating eggs daily. Other’s protein-rich foods are also important to eat. You can eat any kinds of fish except sea-fish.

According to ACOG report, a pregnant woman should take 27 mg irons per hour. Here see some source of iron.
• Poultry
• Dried Peas and Beans

Foods to Avoid while pregnancy:

Lots of women addicted to alcohol, I think they should never be pregnant. Because drinking alcohol is too much risk during pregnancy.
That can spoil your full hard work.

Fat-rich Foods
We all know that fat-rich foods are not healthy for anyone. During pregnancy, a mother’s weight increased too much. If she takes any fat-rich foods it’ll be dangerous for her. So she must have to avoid these foods.
See some fatty foods.
• Palm Oil
• Different kinds of Creamy food
• Cake
• Ice Cream
• Puddings
• Biscuits
• Crisps
• Chocolate
• Fizzy drinks
• Salad
If you can skip this food during pregnancy, that would be great for you.

People means pregnant women is eating for two. It doesn’t mean she is eating a double meal. She just takes a little extra food for her baby. That’s really essential.
So, balanced nutrition is really important while pregnancy. It helps to make a healthy and strong baby.

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