How Many Calories Does Burn During Sex?

We know that sex is an ideal exercise for our mental and physical health. Many kinds of research proved that sex helps to burn calories. That is a great way to reduce your extra fat. But do you know how many calories does sex burn? Or did you ever think that how sex burn our calories?

In this piece of content, I’m going to show you how many calories do sex burn or how many calories reduce during sex?

A few days ago an online doctor service DR. FELIX ( revealed a calculator, where you can calculate how many calories are you burning daily during sex. First of all, you should put some data there, and then it will show a result. I don’t think it’s 100% perfect result. But you can assume an amount from here.

Actually, it depends on several things. The major option is your sex position. Sex position can make difference. That means if you change your sex position, which will change your amount of burning calories also.

Some special researches and statistics show something about this issue. According to those researchers and statistics, I’m going to show you a calculation. Let’s see it.

I’ve shown this step by step sex tasks.


By Undressing Your Partner, You Can Burn 8 Calories Total

Undressing is the first step of sex. You must have to undress your partner and you also should be undressed. So it’s important to undress your partner by yourself. It’s making sex more attractive and definitely, it burns more calories. The main thing is to make excitement. If you can make more excitement, it will help you to burn more calories.

Undressing burn the lowest calories during sex, but it is really important to do.

By Kissing Your Partner You Can Burn 34 Calories per Half Hour

Kissing comes after undressing, it’s also a major factor while sex. Experts show that you can reduce 34 calories per half hour by kissing. Kissing makes huge excitement and it’s a sign of good sex. Some people tell that kissing is a hardcore sex.

Oral Sex Can Burn 50 Calories per Half Hour

To express your real feeling toward your partner you have to do something deeper. You need to understand his/her feelings. Oral sex is a sign of express your real feelings. It’s some kind of terrible experience to some people. But you can’t feel how much your partner will be happy if you do this. This task creates excitement also and we all know excitement burn calories.

Experts measured oral sex can burn 50 calories per half hour.

Hand Job Can Reduce 50 Calories per Half Hour

A hand job is also an essential part of sex. Some people skip this; because you can complete full sex without hand job. But you should do this for more fun.

A handjob can reduce 50 calories per half hour and it’s important for you.

Dancing With Your Partner Can Burn 206 Calories per Hour

It’s not so important during sex, but you can see it’s reducing too many calories. You can make a good habit to dance with your partner. It’ll also keep your relation good.

And Finally, Cum Out Can Burn 476 Calories Total

Cum out is the final process of sex. The highest calories are burned in that time. You should enjoy this part consummately. The experts said, cum out can burn 476 calories total.

You can’t skip any of these steps. All of these are important to make your sex life wonderful. If you can follow all of these steps you’ll lose more calories with sex.


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